A man who has attained mastery of an art reveals it in his every action.

-Lao Tzu


Welcome to the Curriculum Section. Below are instructions for users to access.

This is a Registered member only section. To gain access please complete the Universal Memebership Form in the join/renew menu section item.  Please be sure to select the checkbox and provide email(s) for each family member that is training or helping with your child’s training.

All registered students will gain basic access level one automatically. This access covers student material from white belt to Black Belt Candidate (BBC).

Here are the links to the White Belt to Orange Belt Curriculum pages for Juniors and Seniors:

Juniors White Belt 10th kyu to Orange Belt 9th kyu

Seniors White Belt 10th kyu to Orange Belt 9th kyu

Note: The requirements for Juniors and Seniors to go from White Belt to Orange Belt are the same.

In the curriculum section there are three levels of material to access. If you have level 2 access, it will include level 1.  If you have level 3 access it will include levels 1&2.

1. Student material through BBC.

2. Black Belt from Shodan to Godan Requirements.

3. Instructor Teaching Material.

If a member wants or needs to change their level access, please send a request email to admin which you can access from your member profile.

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