We invite you to join with us and share in the work and in the fun as a member of the ASKA. We train smart while we cultivating the human spirit.

– Papa Paul


If you are a member or want to become a member please fill out the Universal Membership Information Form below. This form is to be used for initial membership, renewal, or any change in your status.

If you are a dojo and want to join the ASKA or to renew your annual membership, please fill out the DOJO CHARTER ANNUAL DUES form below.

Whichever form you fill out, please fill it out completely. If the form requires any fee, you will be taken to PayPal after form submittal for the payment. Thank you.


Note: If you need to inform us of a promotion or have an address change, please email us.

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Universal Membership Form

Please Fill Out Completely!

Initial Application Renewal Promotion Address Change
Karate MMA Internal Arts Other

Personal Contact Information

Name: Date:
Address: Email:
    Please confirm that this is the email to get curriculum access and if it is a family  membership please list all the emails only with comma seperated values     (ex:, to be listed for access.
State: Zip:
Work: Cell:
Age: Date of Birth: Male Female

Dojo and Rank Information

Instructor: School (Dojo):
Please update rank to: Promotion Date:
Special Information:

Membership Levels and Payment Information

Annual Dues: Individual $35 Family $70
Lifetime Family Membership: One-time Donation of $500
Please include a $10 reinstatement fee to reinstate a membership that has lapsed

I am enclosing an additional:

$5 $10 Other $
For the Scholarship / Grant Fund

Corporate Level Sponsorship:

$100 $500 $1000 $2500
Other $
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Initial Application Renewal
Dojo Name :
Email :
Address :
City :
State :
Zip :
Phone :
Current Student Enrollment :
Head Instructor :
Other Black Belts :
I am paying : Commercial School Annual fee of $150 Recreational School Annual fee of $150
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